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"28% of all (US) models have been pressured to have sex with someone at work"

Model Alliance

"Most models never manage to get out of debt. Most models never make any money"

Milla Jovovich, IMG

"Traditional hiring models were built for the Industrial Era, not the Information Age. There should be a new chapter of work where on can hire quality talent from across the globe in minutes."

Stephane Kasriel, CEO Upwork

"As a model who doesn't fit the normal agencies' requirements it's really hard to promote myself. There isn't really a place I can get work - apart from through friends and family"

"The lack of financial transparency has always been viewed as the ghost in the room and it knowingly and sometimes unknowingly affects every model in the industry"

Alex Shanklin, Wilhelmina

"Today, talents outside of agencies have no other option to self-promote - other than on inefficient sites like instagram, facebook, personal websites etc. There should be a better option for us "

"I wish there was a global, secure and common gathering place specialized just for our industry"

"Why do I have to move to only a few select big cities to model and network for jobs. There is plenty of talent outside of the major cities as well"

"As a mother, I am reluctant to allow my children to start modeling. The risk and lack of transparency is just too high"

"If we could do complete reviews and checks of clients, that would shorten down the long and tedious hiring processes we usually go through"

"There are so many shady players in this industry that one always has to stay alert. In our technological world there should be ways to securely verify and hold people accountable"

"We don't really have an online gathering (marketing) place where we can promote our work and actually get hired from"

"Since models often start at a young age they are often at risk of being taken advantage – especially those in third world countries"

"I wish there was a place where we could promote ourselves, but which also allowed clients to hire us directly"

"I love traveling, if I could work while out on the road that would be a game-changer for me"

"I do not know of any payment systems where we can guarantee payments for both parties, how is that even possible?"